Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Winter stories 1

Tuesday 19th February. The first event of our Winter, Wildlife and Water Week, and a lively day of mess, glitter glue and laughter was had at Buxton Museum

We took our "favourite bits of winter" (as avery loose theme) and worked stories around them, adding in polar bear, penguins, wolves, mammoths and occasional hibernating trolls as we went

This will work best with pictures and snippets from stories. Another set of pictures will follow later

a cold polar scene

a winter forest with bare branches and evergreen trees
 This was a family event and it was good to see parents quietly getting on with their own designs

Among our younger participants, Narnia was  a popular theme as a favourite wintry story
The Wardrobe

inside The Wardrobe
Mr Tumnus
 the young man who made this  worked with such care and concentration that none of us had the heart to whisper that Mr Tumnus was a Faun (2 legs) and not a centaur

a cold winter night

and the welcoming house at the end of the walk
(the inside of the Winter Night card above)
 We made a number of these round stories. They work a bit as lanterns or maybe Table centres for Elegant Dinner Parties....

our sample story-lantern
another view of the same lantern
Naughty Nickerbox!
 The Story of Naughty Nickerbox

In a village far far away, there was a goblin called Naughty Nickerbox. Naughty Nickerbox was a thief because when he saw something he took it. So everyone in the village started to hide all these things so Naughty Nickerbox starved to death. Naughty Nicker was too old as well (he was 123) as starving so he could of died of old age

Granny Winter
 The Lost Polar Bear Lantern

There was once a baby polar bear who had lost its Mum. he wandered round struggling in the snow when he met a penguin. The polar bear told the penguin about getting lost. The penguin just laughed and walked away from
the polar bear who wandered off in the opposite direction. Just then he noticed a figure in the distance. He ran up to the figure and saw it was his mum and they live happily ever after

There is another event on Friday!

Raven Day

Friday 22nd February
Celebrating the crows, ravens - and other birds - of the Peaks - making bird mask, fluttering birds on sticks and even origami birds to sit on fingers or shoulders

Where? Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, Terrace Road, Buxton, SK17 6DA
When? 2 sessions, 10 - 12 and 1 - 3, free, open public sessions for all the family (children under 8 need to bring a grown-up) no booking needed, just drop by and join in!

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