Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ancient Adventures follow-up

Buxton Museum, 8th June 2012
How many people: 60

From our fur-rugged storycave, we ventured out to weave stories of children in caves and of life in Bronze Age round-houses

In these worlds, mammoths still roamed the hills of Derbyshire and dragon guarded treasures and deceived treasure-hunters with false delights

mammoth cave

In more settled times of mud-stone walls and thatched roofs, people herded cattle and sheep and found chickens roosting on their rooftops.

Life was not all gentleness and pastoral tranquillity as the settlement who had fought off an attack demonstrated. To reinforce the point, they had chopped the heads off their attackers and set them on stakes round the homestead……

The next Exploring event will be

Sunday 1st July: Exploring with Stories: a workshop for adults: looking at the wildlife of fields, woods, and ponds, listening to old stories, telling new stories. Relax and enjoy. Dove Valley Centre, Dove Valley Centre, Under Whitle near Longnor, SK17 0PR 11am - 4pm. Please book a place: 01298 77964

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