Friday, 8 June 2012

Ancient Adventures

the quiet before the storm.....
adventures on a rainy day. In Buxton Museum, caves and cave-children, ancient homes with grisly stories, farms, feasts and occasional chickens....The first Exploring with Stories event happened today!
60 people joined us through the day
story caves taking shape

a dragon cave with a fake treasure behind the beast (the real treasure is hidden somewhere else at the bottom of a pond)

a wall-painting of a mammoth, a bed and a campfire make this cave particularly comfortable!
settlements - 1 
settlements - 2

settlements 3 - details - a chicken on the roof!
settlements 4, the story takes a grim turn with a set of heads on stakes guarding the household!

settlements 4 - severed heads detail.....
proud artists and storytellers

a cave taking shape


a settlement story grew so much, it became a whole wheel of a book

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